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Media solutions - more than perfect infotainment!

We ensure your competitive edge

It's more than just a matter of competitiveness: as a hospitality operator, you have to fulfil the expectations of your guests with regard to the technological (entertainment) options that your facilities offer. With media technology solutions from TASCAN Systems, you create the perfect information and entertainment world for your guests – and use coherent technology to secure your competitive edge in the market.

The full spectrum of media technology solutions

With 30 years of experience in the industry, we offer a complete range of proprietary infotainment systems, industry-leading (Hbb)TV systems including accessories , SAT head-end stations as well as innovative multimedia systems. We configure these elements as a package according to your specific requirements.

Make an intelligent investment in your future with our media technology solutions – we will be glad to tell you more!

Our service modules

We are there for you at every phase of your project

  • Consulting

    Nowadays, it’s more important than ever to be at the cutting edge of technology. Whether it involves small project or the complete conversion and construction of a system landscape...

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  • Maintenance

    To ensure that the technologies used are reliable and constantly ready for use,
    considerably extended guarantees are available at TASCAN...

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  • Installation

    Good planning is the key to the smooth, rapid installation of (new) technical systems. Only after all parameters and...

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  • Updates

    Technological development is progressing rapidly. As a result, systems are quickly
    out-dated and new software versions become available at ever shorter intervals...

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  • Repairs

    Long downtimes are not just annoying but even, in many cases, an existential threat. Thanks to a strong network of its own technicians...

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  • Service

    We're there for you in person 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. With our decades of industrial experience, rely on us to assist you rapidly and pragmatically with any...

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